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Inspiron 5100...can I use this?

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  • Inspiron 5100...can I use this?

    Well, I finally got my wife a new notebook. So, now I have my old Inspiron 5100 back. Can I use some of the internal parts for my truckpc? I figured if it will work, why not....since it's free.

    I would like to take the parts out of the notebook, and place them in a case.
    Is there a case available that I could use....could I use on that is designed for the mini-itx boards? Or will I need to build one from scratch?

    Is this route even a recommended one? I hope so....wish me luck.

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    Can it be used? Sure.

    Do some reading about laptop installs. There are hurdles to overcome with a laptop install that aren't present sith "desktop" hardware.

    The case would be your laptop case. miniITX cases are designed for miniITX motherboards.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      If at all possible, I would like to not use my laptop case. I was hoping
      to remove the internal parts that I need and put them in a different case.

      Are you suggesting that this is a bad thing. I was really hoping to be
      able to use these parts for my first build...


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        Because laptop motherboards are so proprietary, the cases are made to fit the motherboards, not motherboards made to fit a standard case.
        You can rip the guts out and fabricate your own case. That's really your only option.

        Is it a bad idea? Not really. There are just more obstacles to overcome with a laptop setup. Most of those obstacles are going to be moot since you iwant to break up the laptop into parts anyway.
        Most people want to use a laptop in their car install in order to pull the laptop out of the car and use it as a laptop. That presents a huge problem.
        That's not your intent, so... No problem.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          cool. thanks! I have no need for this laptop, so tearing it apart and building a pc for the truck is what I hope to do.

          Are there any good books I could get for reference? I pretty much know nothing about what I'm getting myself into.

          I plan on spending many hours combing through the forum, any direction is greatly appreciated.


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            I used my old Inspiron 8000 for my carPC. using a laptop can make the install much easier and faster. since the laptop is already built, the only thing you need to do to get it running is hook up a monitor, tap into the power button, and hook up a dc-dc power supply (or use an inverter, but it's better to power it with a dc-dc power supply)

            I don't know why you would want to rip the laptop apart when it's ready to use as-is, but that's your decision. to me, that just seems like much more work than is necessary.

            in my case I wanted to retain the ability to use the laptop by itself (there are many good reasons to keep the laptop independently functional, including software installations/formats and hardware replacement/upgrades). I bought a docking station on eBay; hacked into the power button and connected all the cables (nothing is connected to the laptop itself).

            if you still want to rip your laptop apart and make your own case, then go ahead, but prepare for more work and more possible problems then you would face if you just use it the way it is (or to make life easier use it with a docking station, you can get them cheap on eBay)

            whatever you choose, good luck and welcome to the world of carputing
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              thanks, I may regret building a case. But do to space, etc. I need to create a case that I can mount next to my amps. I'm working on cleaning up the laptop now, and trying to figure out nLite. My goal is to get the pc running fast and get the necessary hardware up and running. At that point I will begin the process of designing the case. Or at least that's the current plan.