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05 Altima ODBII info and dash design

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  • 05 Altima ODBII info and dash design

    I've recently started looking into this and am trying to do it with as little money and alterations to my car. At first I wanted little alterations to my car b/c I expected to trade it in but seeing how it has 135K mi, I won't be trading it in, now its to "waste" as little money and time as possible as I will be needing a new car eventually. I am currently using a laptop with docking station under the passenger seat with dvd capabilites of course. I would like to get a switch or something to turn the laptop off and on. Now I can just let it fall into hibernation after a certain time but I have to reach under the seat to turn it on all the time. I was using streets and trips for GPS but now I am using iGuidance. The autore-route feature is great. I am still using the GPS from streets and trips Pharos360. I had to get an alternate stereo which is an mp3 player for the aux capabilities. I would like to change that for one with DVD ability also. I have a liliput monitor in the storage compartment but due to the fact I didn't want to "cut" anything, It is basically sitting on top. I have wires all over the place coming from the laptop to my 2 4-port usb adaptors and the one hanging for the GPS I have stuck to the window. Really tacky. Please help with inexpensive suggestions as I already need to do $2500 worth of "real" work on my car.

    Also, I have this ODBII cable and needed to know what else do I need to get for this.