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  • MOVED: Flash booting

    I have a quick question I am looking into getting the EPIA MII 12000G motherboard which has an on board PCMCIA and an on board flash card slot. I've heard you can't boot from the flash card slot but there may be some sort of firmware upgrade for that issue. But more importantly I want to know what you all think about the Audigy PCMCIA for a sound card?

    Another question is do I have to have an amp to get sound from my factory speakers? What do I need to go straight from the sound card to the factory speakers? I am sure I'll need some type of harness.

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    .... This topic is almost a year old.....
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      Believe me I have tried searching google but I still haven't come across anything that answers my question and I have searched the forums. Thought I'd be able to get some help here. Thanks anyway.


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        Originally posted by gla502 View Post
        ... But more importantly I want to know what you all think about the Audigy PCMCIA for a sound card? ...
        I got one the other day and installed it on my laptop. Haven't tried it on the car yet since I am expecting the 14 pin connectior for the '03 honda accord head unit to connect it via the AUX ( the electrical diagram and I think I know what color wire goes where lol). On the laptop with either 2 external speakers or headphones it sounds pretty good. I got the audigy 2 ZS version... perhaps i should have waited for the x-fi version.

        The Creative MediaSource Player that comes with the card is your typical Creative sound card software with some goodies like sound effects, THX setup, dts, bass boost, equalizer with pre-sets etc etc.

        I'll let you know more when I get it connected to the head unit of the car. However what I really want to do is to get my Logitech Z-5500 speakers in the car some day. Not sure how to do that yet but I am sure there is a way to fit them in the space where the stock speakers are.

        Google some of the reviews of that "Audigy 2 ZS Notebook" to get a better idea. This one sounds pretty informative


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          I split these off, since this was a blatant threadjack.
          Keep threads on topic, please. ASking about booting from a flash drive in a thread about 3.5mm jacks to RCs is mind-bogglingly off-topic.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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