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BMW E46 CarPuter, Help to get the project going!

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  • BMW E46 CarPuter, Help to get the project going!

    Hey everyone!

    First post here, I have been browsing through some posts and decided setting up a computer in my E46 M3 would be a cool DIY project. I have always been into computer hardware but am not so pro when it comes to audio stuff.

    Anyways, I've looked up Aberrant's, Zebel's and konfoo's installs. Really helps to get an idea of what is needed. I plan on also using a MacMini for it's form factor, like Aberrant's setup.

    I know all this will be pretty E46 specific but it must also be pretty generic carputer stuff.

    I'll try to make a list of the info I've gathered so far as to what I need to get this going! I will try to keep it "light" aswell, I plan on keeping the set up stock and not add up a lot of unecessary weight. Taking out the factory radio and the cd changer unit should make up for some of the added weight. I know a few pounds don't mean much, but still

    Please take into account I have the H/K stock audio setup with 6CD charger in the trunk. That is where I plan to put my MacMini.

    -Screen: Xenrac 7" TSV Touchscreen LCD monitor in the srcstc bezel.
    MP3car has an xtra long monitor for it. So that's the cable that will run from my Mini to my Touchscreen in the console. Now if I want to plug a video signal in the trunk near the Mini in one of the free inputs from the cable that runs to the LCD, how will I switch the display from Mac to Video input if the buttons are concealed by the front bezel? I know there is one with a hole for the remote, but I hoped there would be another way.

    Since I plan on using a Carnetix CNX-P1900 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator I guess one output could go to the Mac (using the MacPac cable), and you use the other one to power up the screen. How do I wire the DC-DC Regulator to the LCD, any DIY or FAQ links?

    -Computer MacMini so I will have the option to run OSX and XP.
    Powered with the Carnetix CNX-P1900.

    -Power Well that's the DC-DC Carnetix unit. I wire it directly to my trunk battery and use an inline 15A fuse right? That's the only fuse I need to use in the whole setup?

    -Audio Now I am lost
    From what I got I need to connect the Peripherals Electronics SVEN4 to my stock system. I am not sure if it also true for my H/K system but konfoo wired it to the amp in the trunk. From what I got I need to get to the stock harness in the trunk. Cut the wires. Hook up female RCAs to the wires going to the stock harness, and male RCAs just in case that go the front console harness. Using this:

    Black connector:
    Pin 38 - FrontL+ (yellow/red)
    Pin 30 - FrontL- (brown/orange)
    Pin 37 - RearL+ (yellow/black)
    Pin 29 - RearL- (brown/orange)

    Grey connector:
    Pin 9 - FrontR+ (blue/red)
    Pin 17 - FrontR- (brown/orange)
    Pin 8 - RearR+ (blue/black)
    Pin 16 - RearR- (brown-orange)

    So once the harness is pluged back into the stock amp I will have 8 wires coupled into 4 female RCAs.

    Then konfoo says: "Pin 10 on the grey connector (white) is switched +12V. You can use that as an ignition lead for the carpc and matrix." That means that the grey wire on Pin 10 sends in the ingnition info to the amp. So I need to keep that wire uncut and splice into it to get the ingnition lead for the Carnetix unit?

    He also says: "First in the dash, get the standard wiring harness for the e46 and connect the 12v ignition to 12v antenna lines on the harness. Terminate the rest of the connectors." Humm that kind of lost me... After I take out the stock radio the harness is left there. Does he mean to find the 12v ignition wire and the 12v antenna wire that go into that harness and short them together? What does he mean by terminating the rest of the connectors?

    I think I got the rest of the audio setup straight: trunk harness > SVEN4 > Soundgate AVM4 4 channel linedriver > M-Audio Audiophile > MacMini

    For controls I will use BT stuff most likely. Do you know of a good USB/Firewire hub to use in the front console to plug in USB keys and HDDs?

    I don't care for GPS or radio or gsm, I also don't want to mess around the car's electronics with an ibus. So did I list pretty much everything I would need besides the basic hardware and cables?

    Thanks for any help, I really want to get into doing this but need a push to get a good start