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Lilliput 7" In-Dash Motorized Touchscreen

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  • Lilliput 7" In-Dash Motorized Touchscreen

    Hello all,

    I've been gathering a lot of information about how to build your own car pc, technically I know the concept how to do the procedure and how to configure RR Skin, GPS installation and other features. Of course always would be a troubleshoot. But my question is if some of you have bought in the past a "Liliput 7" In-Dash Motorized Touchscreen" along with the "Lilliput in Dash Cl7702pa Car Pc Via C3 1ghz 512mb 40gb Cdrw/dvd". I have heard some reviews that this type of device is not good, but I would like to hear from you whoever owns one. I know the Liliput CarPc is good since everything is build , plus has extra usb to add any other device.

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    i got the lcd from ebay and using it with old pc of mine this way you can install xp and all that, but the built in box next to the lcd has everything in it. so its like getting a desktop or a laptop.

    Do you want to be able to mod and add extra stuff or will you be happy with it till you decide to change it all.


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      For how long you've been using the LCD in your car, does it have a clear view during the day or do you use the Gamma software from Alpine RR skin, does it heat a lot after using for a long time ? That is true about the Dash Box , everything is integrated and you can add it other stuff.


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        ive had it runnig for maybe umm 5 months but more now cos i finaly got my carputer before i was runnig it on my DVH-p5850mp, via composit input(RCA- yellow one)

        yea it does get kinda hot but hey it still works!
        Na looks ok in day time but of course any sunlight hitting the screen is bad. no need for any gamma correction but if option is there why not.

        umm im not too sure about the dash unit, think its got all in one stuff so u cant change like the cpu or ram and stuff.

        but yea does save alot of space i must say!


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          Thank you for the info. , I've been thinking of purchasing one like that. Thanks to USB connectors anything can be upgraded.

          By away what type of device did you use for WiFi Connection.


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            u mean like firmware upgrads and stuff, im on about hardware upgrades. im getting wirless card for net and got BT for my gps and thinknig of using my phone as a dial up device if i need to use net with no wifi coverage. slow ofcourse!


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              That is kool. I have a wireless broadband card I use for my laptop, I could use that , but then I would have to use the VoomPC which has more hardware application. I think that would be great having the Lilliput LCD/TV turner and the VoomPC. If I do this I would get picture in the future for the project.