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Is this system powerable in a car?

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  • Is this system powerable in a car?

    I have been paroosing the forums and it seems every discussion on power supllies seem to be in the 100w-300w range. I am trying to convert an old desktop to work in my car and as it sits it has an 800w power supply. Is this just overkill and it would really run on much less or would i need to downgrade some components for it to run...or is it not possible at all?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Intel p4 3.0ghz 800mhz FSB 478pin
    1.0 GB ddr pc3200 ram
    Asus vt-7 motherboard
    74GB sata 10k rpm wd raptor drive
    Nividia GeForce 6800 Pro oc Vid card
    Sound blaster audigy live sound card
    Running Windows xp pro

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    Read this:

    That will shed some light on your questions.
    Also read any thread int he FAQ Emporium section about power supplies.

    There are also some in the new FAQ here:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I don't think an "old" desktop would have a 800w PS...

      My NEW desktop doesn't have an 800w PS.

      Your old desktop must kick ***.

      Edit: That's funny...this forum auto removes bad words like ***.
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        My guess is it is a whitebox with one of those 800W PSU's but only like 50% efficient so cheap cheap cheap.

        One of my desktops has a 478 P4 3Ghz HT, 4Gb RAM, 5 7200RPM HD's, Sound/Lan Card, and 128Mb Vid Card, all running off of a 400W cheapo PSU. I think it was like $30 at Newegg 2 or 3 years ago.

        Get rid of the Video Card and use onboard video, (believe any parasitic onboard video activity will be negligable with a P4) and get a laptop drive, or a regular 7200 or 5400 drive with more space as less power. Then you will be needing the top end of the DC-DC range.

        My recommendation of the best thing to do would be this. Sell the P4, mobo, and HD on ebay. And here is why... A P4 desktop now sells for about the same price as a P4-M. A 478 Mobo can be sold for the same price as a 479 mobo can be bought for. And a 10K RPM HD can be sold for the same price as a bigger storage 7200RPM or same size 2.5" laptop drive. That would put you in a much better spot for a smaller DC-DC while keeping a powerful rig.
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          use that calc for your rig, but you will definately be using less than 300W as it is right now (but the rail for your GPU isnt going to be powerful enough from a DC-DC PSU), so... if you want, you can grab the 320W Opus and try it out....but i would do as 2k1toaster says and grab some different comonents. you dont want to be using your old gaming rig in your car, especially with a power hungry GPU that is not needed.
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            Originally posted by DodgeCummins View Post
            Your old desktop must kick ***.

            Edit: That's funny...this forum auto removes bad words like ***.

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            sorry, but this was too funny (especially DC's reason for editing)

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