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2002 Tahoe: want to install a 7in lcd in the dash

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  • 2002 Tahoe: want to install a 7in lcd in the dash


    I'm new to the forum and hope that someone can help me with a delimma that I'm having. I'm in the market for a 7 inch in dash lcd, but I really want to avoid having to do to many mods to my dash. I've read a couple of forums where they spoke of a dremel and bondo, but I haven't seen anything to specific in regards to A: what is the best bang for the buck lcd or B: a step by step diagram that shows me how to do it. Oh, I forgot to mention that I plan on doing this thing myself. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks.

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    Why not get a Lilliput or Xenarc with a bracket so you don't have to mod your dash at all? You may want to consider a fold up or motorized screen.
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      Is the 2002 Tahoe a double DIN or the oddball 1.5 DIN opening?