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DSX12v & SX260 Wiring? Questions?

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  • DSX12v & SX260 Wiring? Questions?

    I have a dell sx260 (sx270 for people searching) and am thinking of ordering the dsx12v
    Here is a diagram I drew up of how I "think" it should be wired. Now, This is how I would like it to function.
    Turn the key on or start the car..delayed for a few seconds then the pc turns on.
    Turn the car off and after a few seconds the pc turns off (not hibernate)
    Also, if I was to turn the car off but leave the key on, have the pc stay on until the key is removed or turned off.
    (Is this possible with the dsx12v or dsx12vd)

    I don't want to have a button to turn the pc on or off. The kill switch I would mount in the glove box or somewhere hidden to where the pc will not turn on at all.

    So does this wiring look correct? Would the switch be able to be on the power side or does it need to be on the ground side?
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    12v goes from (+) on the battery to the power terminal on the DSX12v
    Ground goes into ground (or (-) on the battery.
    A line from the ignition source (with a switch) goes from an ignition-controlled 12v line to the ACC of the DSX12v.

    You don't need a relay.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      So your saying like this?
      Why wouldn't you use a relay for something that draws up to 15amps?
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        keep the fuse there but get rid of the switch on that line, the switch should be on the ignition line and it should always be on if you want the pc to turn on with the ignition.


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          So I should just get the dsx12vd i think. That should be all i need.


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            im probably going with DSATX..i hope thats the one you meant.


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              Nope, I meant
              dsx12vd. Anything wrong with that one or something I should know before I order it?


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                the DSX12v and DSX12vD dont have ATX out, its just 12v, no 5v. the DSATX is ATX out