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  • cooling and power

    hey guys

    i'm going to be powering a VoomPC-2 Barebones LV677 (Commell LV677 mobo) with Intel Core Duo T2300 1.66Ghz and just wondering if passive cooling would be enough? Or would you recommend the stock cooling that comes with the mobo?

    also, i am thinking of also powering this on remotely using something like this:

    apart from one thing.....i have NO idea where to get it lol, any ideas of similar solutions?<br /><br />

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    I have same MB and case with a 2ghz Memron Core 2 Duo. This mobile CPU still needs a fan. I dumped the toy CPU fan that came with MB as my case is full of stuff and is located where there is not a lot of ventilation. I disconected the two case fans that come with the Voom one day to see how hot it would get. Could have fried a steak on them black aluminium Voom ribs. Unless you live at the north pole you won't be passive cooling that puppy.
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