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unfortunately, i don't know cars at all

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  • unfortunately, i don't know cars at all

    i have a 07 honda accord ex-l and i want to do this so badly. i know computers, so putting one together would be easy, but i don't know ANYTHING about cars and I'm not crafty, so wiring it all in there and coming up with a fabrication that would give a stock appearance would be pretty much impossible to do by myself. none of my friends know cars either. and apparently accord's have some special considerations that need to be accounted for since the climate, clock, and radio are all contained in the same unit.

    so i guess my question is: would a car audio shop know what to do if i asked them to hook my car up? what about big retail companies like circuit city? i don't really care about having to pay a lot for installation...i'd feel much better knowing it's installed at least semi-correctly than trying to save a few bucks by doing it myself. i live in north carolina, so any shop suggestions would be great. please and thank you.

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    big box companies won't do it. It's not that they won't know how to do it, it's that they won't be allowed to do it, unless you find a manager who is willing to step out side of the rules a bit.

    Your best bet is to find a car audio shop that's done a CarPC before. You'll just need to ask around.
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      Where do you live? Small town would be harder to find shops that have done it before.


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        Buy a drop in unit from Crutchfield.

        They include all the mounting hardware and adapters.

        Just plug and play. Personally I like Pioneer units, but there are many choices out there.

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          I work at Circuit City, not in the Roadshop but I've seen them do custom work. They have special skus to do custom stuff, it's gonna cost you though..mainly based on the expected hours its gonna take to do everything. Depending on the location you go to they should be able to help you with part of the install, I know the guys at my shop could handle all the power stuff, but you'd need to give them proper details as far as running the stuff from your pc.

          Now if I could only get one all my parts together I could put them to the test.

          Got just about all the essentials, still need: Power, Cables, maybe another case fan, Screen, Mitsubishi bootskin, etc.

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