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1999 vw jetta stereo installation questions

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  • 1999 vw jetta stereo installation questions

    im trying to install a stereo for my sister i bought the harness i connected all the wires correctly but im getting no power and theres 2 wires coming out of the car that i have no idea what to do with them its a yellow and a black wire wrapped in tape yea i know im stupid but i have no money to take it to someone anone plz help

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    Typically in cars, yellow = +12v line (i.e. a line to the battery) and black = ground (i.e. a line connected to the car's frame).

    No battery connection normally leads to a lack of power, so that could easily be the biggest of your problems.


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      haha yea i figured it out my sis never told me she had an ipod adapter so those wires were the power and ground from the adapter as for the radio not turnin on well i misswed a fuse and one was blown but all is well and now she has a stereo