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MACing A Honda- WOW must i be a GENIUS?

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  • MACing A Honda- WOW must i be a GENIUS?

    So with my Mid-Level IQ can I construct, wire, and install this moster of a project? I love my Mac and I Love my new Honda so ofcourse i want to merge the two wonderful inventions. I have been researching (via this website) all the steps this process will take. I must say the task is daunting. Can i get some help. Just let me know where to start and what to expect and maybe some supplies i will need and problems you may have ran into so i can be prepared for them. I am so excited about all i will learn in this process. However, I will rely heavily on you that have undertaken this same challenge. The idea of this thread is so ppl can have a onestop shop to get a great general overview of exactly what to expect and much of the difficult (as it seems to me now) setup process. So please don't hold back. I will check this everyday and ask the questions that a newb would ask and plow through this thing until (Ahhh) there is one more MACed Honda to grace the streets of this world. Also, I have the MAC MINI and a good friend that is more than willing the help with any soldering that i may not be able to do.

    Thus the first question's... What screen should i buy? How do i go about molding a dash for my 2002 Coupe? LOL, What is the first step?

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    check the FAQs or the newbie form. also check the show off forum. if you have a honda, it's probably been done. with the information you find there, you can learn from their mistakes and improve on your own terms.
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