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  • Coming in to say hi

    Long story short, have had a coworker who has been raving about all the stuff he was going to do with his carputer for going on a year now. He had the Car PC hacks book, he had pieces trickling in sporatically enough for me to question if he would ever finish his what appeared to be Pentium I carputer.

    I've been into car audio since about 1988. Trained to be an installer, figured out that wasn't for me, did sales, did some event coverage, eventually ended up as a car audio buyer for

    Never very computer literate, just knew enough to royally screw things up.

    So I'm building a high end system for my car (about 2000 watts, a couple hundred square feet of sound deadener) and was going to run a regular in dash screen hooked up to a navigation system (or one that had it built in).

    Then I got a hold of an old laptop and I thought, I've always wanted to try a carputer. By sheer coincidence, the coworker who had allegedly been working on his carputer had a box show up with actual proof of him making progress (in this case, it was a Griffin USB volume control and a copy of streetdeck).

    At that point, looking at his cool stuff and looking around here, I figured why not. So right now I'm looking on ebay for a IBM docking station, a battery (laptop was missing that) and a 12 volt power supply (IBM made one to plug in the car so I might be going with that).

    Next step is deciding if I go full carputer setup (I'm thinking of just getting my toes wet and run it into a conventional receiver for now) or just go big from the get go and do all car pc stuff.

    Got lot to learn, like to help where I can.


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    welcome aboard! we're all here to help
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