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VW Caravelle/Transporter (T5) wiring

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  • VW Caravelle/Transporter (T5) wiring

    I need to find out if anyone knows of any technical information or wiring diagrams for the VW Caravelle/Transporter (T5 version 2005). These are not sold in the US (Europe and RoW only) so most US wiring sites are useless.

    I need to find a suitable wire for the ACC line on my Infill G4 - this is the line that detects that the ignition is on and enables the G4 to power up. The radio wiring harness does not have a suitable wire and the other wires in the dash are generally well covered up and not easy to test without scraping off bits of insulation - which I don't want to do!

    Any other T5 transporter/caravelle owners out there?
    * Quango in UK *

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    Have you tried VWVortex?


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      Had not heard of that one, will give it a try - thanks
      * Quango in UK *


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        Hi there Quango - I am in the same situation and do not have an ACC feed in the Iso Connector - did you find a switched live anywhere?


        10A :-)


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          Hi, The caravelle / transporter uses can bus so finding on it is a real pain. I have just found a acc line for my rosen dvd system i have just fitted to my 08 caravelle. You can pick up a acc ( switched live on ignition ) from the rear of the lighting switch. You can get to it by gently prising off the side panel from the edge nearest the front drivers seat. You can then use the live and ground by the radio if you require as normal.

          If you are fitting a handsfree kit don't bother with a "mute kit" by far the best way is to chop the speaker lead and wire it onto the "phone" plus on the back of the radio. I didn't have a plug so I had to carefully solder onto the pin ( i think they are 6 and 12, they are the only two pins on this plug) Then take the mute wire to the radio mute pin on the back of the radio. This works very well.

          I hope this helps!


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            The wire you want is a small brown wire with a green trace which can be found if you take the glove box out. The fat loom to the right contains this wire. The loom disappears down to the fuse box area but if you open the loom up where it is cable tied to a metal bracket you can make your connection.

            This wire supplies 12v +ve on 1st position of key until key is removed, a true ACC position and not ignition stage 2 (15).

            I found this on a 2008 T5 Transporter T30 102PS

            Just out of interest, does anyone know where this wire terminates?


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              theres a really nice build.
              If its not broke, try and fix it.
              My First Carputer


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                I want to install a GPS tracker on this and need to find the CAN BUS wires in the vehicle, to read the gas levels. Does anyone know where i might find the can H and can L wires? also does anyone know if this vehicle uses J1939 canbus protocol?