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Auzentech X-Meridian does Optical out bypass opamps?

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  • Auzentech X-Meridian does Optical out bypass opamps?

    hi i was just wondering in the case of optical out whether it bypasses the soundcards opamps ie is there any point upgrading them if im running optical out?

    Also whats the best setting for optical out to use with the pxa-h701?
    ie 192kb or dts?
    - tom

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    Yes, using the SPDIF connection bypasses the opamps. The opamps are only for analog audio, where the SPDIF connections pass digital. You won't see any sound quality difference by changing the opamps if using the SPDIF, but if you're using the analog outputs you'll notice a big difference and may have to experiment with a couple different sets before you find the sound you like. I have one in my HTPC and if you have high quality opamps, it's hard to decide what sounds better


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      thanks so much for letting me know!
      as im running optical to a pxa-h701 i wont really be using the analogue!


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        You might be able to run Bit perfect on optical out. If that's the case, do it. To read up more on bit-perfect:

        You should be able to set the digital out on the x-meredian to 44.1 which will get you close.
        Jan Bennett
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