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My 02 Ford Ranger 4x4 Edge Carputer Plan

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  • My 02 Ford Ranger 4x4 Edge Carputer Plan

    I have been a reader of this site for several years but have not taken on a carputer project yet. I did make a custom mount to hold my laptop in my old explorer, but never anything that I would call a Carputer.

    I have been looking at alot of stuff for Rangers and I have decided on what all I would like to do. First off the computer I will be using is a Hp Pavilion zx5000 Laptop. It has 100GB HD, Pen 4 3Ghz Processor, 1.12GB of Ram, running Window Media Center 2002. The only downside to this computer is it runs hot but thats not to big of a problem the reason I don't use it much for a laptop is the battery only lasts 40 minutes. That doesn't matter since it will be plugged in all the time.

    I also already have a GPS unit from when my laptop was mounted in my Explorer. I want to add XM Radio, and a backup camera. Also I want to replace my factory head unit with a after market single din one leaving space for an external CD Rom drive above it.

    Some other mods I will be doing i found on some other people have done is replace the Center console with one from an Explorer. I will also be adding a overhead unit that gives Temp/Compass, plus an extra light and storage compartment. I'm also going to convert my AC/Heat controls over to a EATC that will control it all.

    The screen will most likely be a Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen. I plan on putting it in the center console at an angle so its easy to see hidden from most the sunlight and at easy reach.

    One of my favorite mods I have come up with is one I have already started working on converts the center console space into a Mini Fridge. I used parts from a little mini fridge that is made to sit on your seat or your floorboard. I havn't seen this done before so it should be cool.

    I have a lot of other ideas I am working on for my Ranger alot of them don't have to do with the Carputer just making the truck more custom looking.

    Please give any feedback and advice on anything you would like. If you have any more ideas that you think would be cool to go into my Truck post them aswell.

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    Check my sig. I had one in my 03 Ranger FX4..
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      Originally posted by andrewfblack View Post
      If you have any more ideas that you think would be cool to go into my Truck post them aswell.
      convert the truck bed into a jacuzzi

      can't get much cooler than that
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        Originally posted by tbird2340 View Post
        Check my sig. I had one in my 03 Ranger FX4..
        Alot of my ideas came from your truck. It is the best ranger on the site I think. Can you tell me how much work did you have to do to the explorer console to make it look flush and stay in place.