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Coupe of noob questions need help bad

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  • Coupe of noob questions need help bad

    I searched and even the FAQ but really can't understand it. Does the computer switch off every time i turn off my car and crank. also computers stay on so do i have to install a kill switch or something so it won't drain the battery?
    and also if i installed a carpc will it increase or decrease the value of my car when i sell it?
    2001 Nissan Maxima SE

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    You can setup the SDC to do a softoff (press power button), and send it into standby or hibernate when the car turns off. Then the SDC can do a hardoff by "pulling the plug" after so long.

    And then depending if the computer has "its plug pulled" or is just in standby/hiberante when you go to restart, it will either cold boot or just resume.

    For instance the M2 has an option where after 30seconds it pushes the power button. Then after 2 hours, it pulls the plug. I have my computer set to standby when the power button is pressed. So when I go to my car in the morning and start it, the PC boots up from a cold boot. Then when I turn off my car it goes into standby. If I turn the car back on within 2 hours it just resumes from standby instanty. If I turn the car on after the 2 hours the plug has been pulled, so it does a cold boot.

    And I think there is a thread about this, but I think it greatly depends. To the average joe it will decrease value. They want stock, and warranties, and professional OEM headunits. Just like aftermarket rice usually decreases the value.

    However, there is always some other nerd like us who the CarPC may appeal to and add value or at least break even. Just like there is always those high schoolers who like rice and you can get top dollar from them.
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