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Newbie advice... Ford Focus Zetec mk3 (07 model)

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  • Newbie advice... Ford Focus Zetec mk3 (07 model)

    Hi people,

    I'm just looking at making a system for my 07 focus, and so far it's looking fairly straight forward. Things like this are rarely straight forward for me though, so I'm just wondering if anybody has seen anybody do an 07 Focus, and if they did are there any "special" considerations that I should be aware of before I start!

    I'm a software developer by trade, so drilling holes for wires and fitting touchscreens will most likely be the hardest bits for me I think - the rest will be easy peasy!!

    No rush really... I'm spec'in up the system intime for my Christmas wishlist with the wife! Got 3 weeks off around Christmas so then is as good a time as any to get onto it!!

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    The car model doesn't really matter. A carputer can go in any car, truck, van, boat, plane, etc.
    Post a pic of the dash and people might be more helpful in recommending how to install a monitor.

    Also, search here for Focus installs., E-Cig Mods
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      Nice one - thanks for the tip! I think it was StevieG's focus install that got me interested - his one looked amazing!

      Will take some pics tomorrow of my dash and put it up on here. I think the question was really aimed at routing wires through the car, and best places to mount the box etc... as far as computers go I'm pretty sorted, just not really done more than switching my old punto's car stereo for a basic mp3 one a few years ago so the prospect of wiring etc is a little scarey at the minute.... but I'm looking forward to it!!