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Use Bluetooth connection in Acura TL for Bluetooth portable MP3 Player?

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  • Use Bluetooth connection in Acura TL for Bluetooth portable MP3 Player?

    I've got a 2004 Acura TL with Nav. It's already got bluetooth connectivity for the phone, which plays through the speakers.

    My question is:

    Has anyone used a bluetooth enabled MP3 player to connect to the stereo of an Acura TL or similarly setup car?

    I'd be willing to try, I guess, but it would be awesome if someone else already did.

    It would be nice. No installation, leave the MP3 player in the glove compartment. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Someone here might have tried what you're asking but this site is more related to in-car PC's.
    I imagine what you are saying may be possible, but it seems your Acura nav system would ask or need to be hooked up to specific phones Lexus.
    I would also think the sound quality you may end up with (if you where able to hook up an MP3 player) would only be sup-par at best.
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      There is a huge difference in bandwidth between voice-quality audio and 44.1khz CD audio. At best you'll have poor-sounding music over bluetooth. If you want a quick fix, get a FM Modulator (also known as something like an iTrip),

      But the best sound quality is going to be straight analog connection. If you have a AUX input on your stereo, just run a patch cable.
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