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  • No automatic shutdown timer

    I was wondering if the is anyway I can set my opus 250/320 dc/dc power supply to stay on indefinetly. When I am at home the battery is hooked up to a charger, but the power supply shuts the computer down after 2 hours. Is there anyway to disable that?

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    Have you thought about how much power your charger has to put out to keep that big Opus running?

    Do you charge at about 20 Amps?

    The Opus (opii?) are designed to shut down if your voltage drops below a certain keep from killing your battery. Probably it takes two hours until the voltage drops enough to turn it off.
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      No the charger keeps the voltage at a steady level the timer is just set to 2 hours. I can change it to one hour or even a half hour. I just want to know if there is anyway to shut the timer off completely


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        If you read your manual, you would have noticed that the RED wire controls the shutdown timer.

        Because you wired it to the ignition switch, the Opus correctly assumes you want to use the shutdown timer.

        If you don't want it to shutdown, you need to connect that wire to the same place you connected the rest of your 12v+ wires.

        Or, do like I did, and put a toggle switch in the dash to control it...toggle switch on, it powers on, toggle off, it powers off.

        If you can't seem to find your instructions...
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          Toggle Switch

          I really like the idea of the toggle switch to control the on/off function of the shutdown timer. Unfortunately when it comes to power wiring I'm not very experienced. Would you mind giving me some detailed instructions on how to do that?


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            Did you install the system?

            When you remove power from the red wire, the Opus starts it's shutdown timer.

            I used a toggle switch, one end connected to always on 12v (like my cigarette lighter) the other end is the red wire to the opus.

            If you put a couple of diodes in place...or a relay, you could use both the toggle and your ignition switch...I assume your opus is already wired to the ignition switch somehow...

            I think there was a faq on diodes or perhaps electrical wiring...I could explain it here, but since you said you aren't that strong on wiring...I won't cloud the issue.

            For you, use the toggle switch only.
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