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  • Speakers??

    Ok Well i have a Sansui Recever model 771 (love it) well I sold my old speakers because they were too big. I found these new ones in my basement.

    Here is what the back of the speakers say

    Model No :FE-402
    Impedance :4 ohms
    Max power :35w(program)
    Freq Range :75-20000Hz
    S. P. L. : 87 5dB/w(lm)

    i beleive i can put out 45 watts PER channel on my sansui. I was listening to music it was pretty loud but the Volume controll was around 3.6 of 10.

    Well I hear music out of these 2" speakers (assuming thats my Tweeters) but nothing out of the Bigger 6" speakers.

    I opened up the speakers and in there is my Blanket that i added for dampening (read on internet) and the tweeters are wired directly from the Main speakers with a Electrolytic Cap (forgot Value) on one lead. (i didnt do the wiring)

    Does anyone know why i hear out of my tweeters and NOT my mains. If they were blown wouldent they still make noise but extremely distorted?

    -Keith L. Cannon

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    Well speakers were blown...

    Here is how you tell your speakers are screwed up.

    Get an ohm meter (or a DMM) and then put the leads together and you should read .004 or something like that, very small, that is what the leads resistance is. After that place the leads at the end of your speaker wire (or terminals, or the speaker itself) if you read nothing, oL or it flashes your speakers are confirmed DEAD, if you read 4, 8, 16 something like that your speakers are probally good. DMM's can cost like 6 bucks at like autozone or something.

    Also you can put a fues inline with one wire of the speaker (perferably the (+)) so that the fues blows instead of your speakers, and also put a resistor across the terminals of your speaker (4 ohm)

    Thats all i have, sorry one of you guys wasent able to help me... I called a friend of a friend who is an electrician and mill MIT...