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  • hello

    hi everyone,

    i've been lurking on here for the past couple of weeks. i've started getting parts for a carputer i'm planning on building. the car is a 2006 Acura RSX and i've been inspired by a couple of installs on here that make me really want to do it =) i'm hoping to do a 100% in-dash installation. i'm most likely going to get a generic Double DIN enclosure made by on of the members here..

    as for parts, i've got the VIA Epia Nano-ITX NX12000EG motherboard (fanless) with an M1-ATX that i'm in the process of wiring up for testing. i've yet to order the touchscreen, but it'll be the Xenarc 700TSV or the Lilliput EBY701, still hunting eBay for them...

    OS will definitely be Linux, most likely Ubuntu 7.10 (coming out tomorrow). i'll probably design a GUI to control everything... with graphical inspiration from Carman (Maemo app for Nokia internet tablets) - ... needless to say i'll definitely have OBD-II integration. oh and GPS and some sort of Mini-PCI-connectable network access (WiFi, 3G/HSDPA, WiMAX?!), but 90% dreams right now.

    i hope to learn a lot from all you experts out there!

    - amir