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1996 european Nissan, obd II, linux

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  • 1996 european Nissan, obd II, linux

    I am a newbie. I searched the forums for a long time and i haven't found much about my questions (if there is a thread about this, I am really sorry). I want to set up a Car PC using the least amount of money possible. I am planning on using a Mini-itx board, and custom-designing the box. Because i won't get to keep the car, i am looking for a way to attach the screen non-permanently to the dashboard, and i will put the computer box in the glove compartment (with some protection, of course). What i need help with is the OBD-II system. My car is a Nissan Terrano 2 2.7TDI (diesel) from 1996, and i can't find much info on the protocols (altough i do believe it's SAEJ1979). Because i can't spend much money i was thinking about making the cable myself (i am an electronics student), and i want to use linux. My questions are:
    1- can you give me some information about the OBD version and protocols of my car?
    2- has anyone made their own OBD II interface? and can get me more information on how to do a great job?
    3- is there a good linux distribution (or program) that can display OBD info as well as act as a media pc?
    4- is there some good way to attach the screen to the center console, but without making any cuts, gluing, soldering, screwing, etc..? maybe suction systems or something.
    5- as anyone got a carpc working on a 1996 nissan terrano 2? (i couldn't find anything on the forums)

    Again, keep in mind this is my first project and my funding is very low. I apologize in advance for english errors (not my first language), and i'm really sorry if there is another thread about this.