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BMW E46 install plan

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  • BMW E46 install plan

    I am attempting my first carpc build. Here is the plan, please let me know if I'm missing anything.

    Car: 2005 BMW 325i. Aside from 17" wheels, CAI, and clear T/S & sidemarkers, the interior, stereo and electronics are all stock.

    Parts ordered:

    Intel BLKD201GLYL board w/Celeron 215
    1GB Crucial DDR2
    80GB Toshiba 2.5" drive w/40-pin IDE adapter for Intel board
    120w Mini-ITX DC-DC power supply w/AC adapter
    M200 enclosure from

    I'll either run Windows 2K or XP, depending on performance. I'll go Linux if Windows perf is too awful on the MS OS's.

    I'm still deciding on the display.

    Display Option A: Xenarc 700IDT located below stock head unit, HVAC relocated to sunglass compartment w/oem relocation kit, CarPC in glove box.

    Option B: Xenarc 705TS or similar w/custom bezel. , hvac control relocated, stereo head unit in glove box, CarPC located somewhere as yet undetermined.

    I'm open to any suggestions.

    Planned Uses:

    1. Sound output will be sent to the stock stereo aux-in, for general MP3/audio use. I decided to keep the stock BMW sound system (for now) to keep things simple.
    2. Holux USB GPS receiver will be mounted in the dash for basic nav use.
    3. USB bluetooth adapter to add BT capability.
    4. USB wifi adapter (Netgear), for basic wifi capability.
    5. Adapt to the BMW IBUS.
    6. Connection + software to OBDII port for on the fly diagnostics and stats.
    7. USB cellular data modem for wireless broadband access (probably Sprint).
    8. Wireless keyboard/mouse stowed somewhere onboard in case I need to send an e-mail (not while driving).
    9. Backup camera installed in trunk keyhole.