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2000 Jetta Project -- Need Suggestions

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  • 2000 Jetta Project -- Need Suggestions

    Welp here it is:

    Planning* [{}{}{}{}{}---] 80.0%
    Purchasing [------------] 0.0%
    Installation [------------] 0.0%

    I've been on these forums for almost two months now planning, but I'm still new by all measures. I'm extremely competent at desktop computer building, but have yet to break into the CarPuter scene. Especially if you have a website where I can pick things up cheaper than where I have listed, let me know. I am on a budget and I like things cheap. On another note, did I miss anything? I want an accurate estimate before I start purchasing....

    Screen - Lilliput 7" 619 - - 225$
    MB - Jetway J7F3E-PB w/ 1.4Ghz Geode NX 1750- - 140$
    Memory - Crucial 512mb - - 30$
    HDD - Fujitsu 40gb 1.5 Sata - 50$
    Optical - Lite-on 8x DVD/R - 67$
    **GPS - BU-353 - - 45$
    ***Power - M2-ATX - - 90$
    Case - Forget the name (it started with "m") - - 15$

    Other Stuff -
    MKiV Bezel - - 100$
    MKiV Monsoon AMP connector - 30$
    Targus 4xUSB HUB - - 24$
    LONG USB and VGA cables - - 15$
    Installation Materials (hardware, zip-ties, etc.) - Various Local - 30$
    USB Volume knob - - 45$
    OEM FUNK radio button to serve as PC power button - 30$

    Roadrunner - - 0$
    iGuidance - - 100$
    Other random ish

    Total - $1000

    The general plan is to have the computer in the trunk and have the the Screen and the USB hub up front. The screen will replace the SD Monsoon stock radio and cubby hole, while the HUB will go in the glove box. I want to keep the cup holder and climate controls. Off of the hub will be the GPS, DVD/R drive and volume knob and possibly a keyboard. The GPS will be mounted mid dash, the DVD/R in glove box next to HUB and the volume knob will replace the ashtray in front of the shifter next to the 12V lighter (which can be hidden by a existing sliding cover). The only other thing visible up front will be the FUNK button which will go in it's OEM place (next to hazard button).***

    I'm real big on keeping it OEM looking, hence the bezel purchase and hiding everything else in the glove box / trunk.****

    Eventually I will be adding OBD-II diagnostic capabilities, bluetooth phone capabilities, and a few other things. I'm a poor college student, I'll be happy if this project gets off the ground.

    Now on with the questions I already have:
    *Planning would be 100% but the 20% is me going back and forth about keeping the stock sound system (monsoon amp) or replacing it off the bat. I can't really afford the extra 500$, but it would make life simpler. If any jetta or monsoon people have insight on this PLEASE send me a PM or email.

    ***I calculated my wattage requirements to be ~120, and I would need a 12v rail for the HDD and a 3.3v rail for the CPU fan, everything else is off the powered USB I'm pretty sure this power supply will work. Can anyone prove me otherwise?

    *** Will there be any problem (interference, etc) running the wires for a power button from the center console to the PC in the trunk?

    **** On the OEM look note, I would really like to hide the GPS reciever somewhere, is there anywhere that gets reception and gets the unit out of sight?

    Let me know what you think, and answer my questions (or direct me somewhere) if you can thanks...I like suggestions!
    Plan - Purchase - Install
    [{}{}{}{}--] 80%*
    [-----------] 0.0%
    [-----------] 0.0%

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    I have 2000jetta vr6, and actually just 90W power supply, absolutely no problem.
    I ran all the wires all the way from trunk to dash, and actually I've got pretty good quality video (vga).
    I keep gps sensor inside of trunk ceiling above metal framing and right under plastic cover (ledge behind rear seats), it works just fine.
    The only difference from your setup is that I kept the radio, and hidden climate controls in the glove compartment.
    My screen is 8" so actually I had to do it like that.
    I took the power right from oem radio feeds (12V source, and 12V ignition signal).
    The only problem I have is little hum in audio coming through the power, but I'll try with some in-line filters, we'll se what can be done about it.
    EPIA TC 1G 256MB 60GB Linux,WindowMaker, Roadnav, Xine, XMMS, iGuidance3
    Lilliput 8", Pharos i360, WUSB11v2.6 WiFi


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      Thanks for the tip on the GPS, I think I'll have to do that...

      I sent you a PM with some more questions, thanks for your help!
      Plan - Purchase - Install
      [{}{}{}{}--] 80%*
      [-----------] 0.0%
      [-----------] 0.0%