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Help me pick a motherboard and cpu

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  • Help me pick a motherboard and cpu

    Hey i'm new to the whole car pc thing. I just wanted to know which motherboard and cpu i should go with. I'm thinking about the Jetway J7F2WE-2G since it has video out and sata. But the cheap part of me is thinking about the intel little valley board that's $70, but no video out and i don't know if it's fast enough. I'll be running rr and all it's applications, ie weather, gps, music videos etc. Let me know if the intel board is fast enough to handle it all without problems or should i get the Jetway J7F2WE-2G or what.
    Cheap, Fast enough, 4 or more usb slots, sata, video out, works with m2 atx and voom enclosure. FIND ME THAT MOTHERBOARD/CPU please and thanks.