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    I've been lookin into carputers recently, seems like a cool idea, but i'm wondering if I can use some of what I already have. I have a 2006 Scion xB with a Kenwood in-dash touch-screen DVD head unit (non-flip screen), I think its almost 7" but not sure (i'm in Iraq right now so I can't look at the model). I also have an Acer Aspire 5100 that the screen is broken on but the laptop works perfect (I'm using it with a monitor currently). Is there any way of doing this? Thanks in advanced!

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    If the laptop can output composite video or s-video, then yes. You could also use a VGA-to-RCA scan converter.
    Image quality will suffer and the touchscreen (if any) will not control the PC without major modifications.

    Newbie questions like this are addressed the FAQ:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks! And sorry for not checking the FAQ


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        If you open the touchscreen up (read void warranty on expensive system), you should be able to find a ribbon connector with 4 or 5 conductors. If you see that, then you can use some transistors to switch the signal depending on some control from the PC so that the touchscreen works with both the PC and the original system. You would then pass the signal into a USB touchscreen controller ($~50) and get your mouse events that way.

        If you use video input, it will be fuzzy as DP said. However, these new cars usually use a VGA screen (640x480) but a cheap composite video chip or if you are lucky a vga video IC that just has to be enabled. If you can traceback the pins you can usually find the sync lines and colour lines, and send VGA to it. 1 person on these forums I read did just this do a newer model nav system. Only 1 I have read about. It is painstaking work, and at every step you are a shaky hand solder away from a paper weight. No mistaking this as easy. But if you are dedicated I am sure you can do it. Otherwise, just get a $200 lilliput and mold it in.

        Also the size is probably 6.5" as that is standard OEM size for toyota (scion = toyota)
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