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Newbie in Florida Area......

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  • Newbie in Florida Area......


    Any Carputer enthusiasts in the florida area? Any Close to Sarasota?? I am looking to customize my BMW with a carputer and could use some help and close references. Maybe even to help with the install.

    Ladies, Fellas, Holla at me


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    I like in Palm Harbor, just north of Clearwater and West of Tampa.


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      I know the area.....

      I used to live in NPR when I first moved here. So what do you drive and if you don't mind, what type system do you have?



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        I moved from Michigan to this area in August. I had a Mazda Protege 5. About a month ago I traded in my P5 for a Mazda 3,

        I've already installed the new screen in my Mazda 3 and I'm in the process of building the computer portion. I had a trunk mount PC before and now I'm moving to small form factor.

        I'm a computer expert so the PC is a breeze.

        See this thread for more info about my screen setup. I modified a standard LCD to support touch-screen.


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          Nice Monitor setup.......

          I am still in the process of gathering information. I am customizing the BMW that I just purchased. I am trying to keep the setup as simple as possible.

          I want a touchscreen for the dash, a system that has a decent motherboard, an excellent soundcard that I can run through an amp. Don't want to run a head unit unless I have to. from what I am reading you don't have to but it seems like they run into volume issues. I plan to load all music/videos on the hard drive. Would like to have XP; A nav system, and a decent wifi card. Plus I plan to use my IPOD.

          I have a couple of leads out to people who are system builders and hopefully they wont take me for a ride.


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            i live in north port.. im gonna start building my jeep puter in january... (tax time)