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  • Noob Cable Question

    I need to power a touchscreen and to do so I need an 8pin mini din cable. However, I don't have a female receptacle on my computer that will accept this cable. So,
    -Is there an adapter that will do the job? If so can anyone link me to it or at least tell me where to look because I can't find it.

    -Can i power a screen through a serial (printer) port?
    I keep finding minidin8 to serial (9 pin or 20, 25, etc.) Will that work? because i have no use for a printer in my car and the port is there.

    -How difficult is it to make the cable from the male/female cable end kits i keep finding for a buck a piece?

    -Can i just throw the end I need onto a usb cable and call it a day? (this seems unlikely mostly because it would be too easy.)

    It seems like the only thing I can find is a mini din to 25 pin serial or something similar. How can I make this work? Thanks for your help.


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    You're going to make your own adapter.
    No, you can't power a screen through a serial or parallel port.
    the LCD will require 12v.

    Your best bet is to tap into a HDD power connector. The yellow wire is 12v black is ground and the red is 5v.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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