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  • Newbie in Maryland

    Hey All,

    I am a newbie and just recently purchased a 2004 Infiniti G35 (2 Door 6MT). I am looking to put in a carputer. I am fairly knowledgeable about computers and have done builds in the past for home use, but completely new to carputer.

    I have a four part vision for my install that I hope to complete within the next 6 months. The first part, should be relatively straightforward and as I complete it I will keep you guys updated. Here is part one:

    I have a desktop that I am not using right now and I think I am going to salvage most of the parts from that.

    Computer Build:
    AMD 3500+
    160 HDD
    Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS

    I will buy a new mobo for a smaller form factor and also try to save on energy and heat. I also have an ATI 9800+ AIW graphics card, but I am concerned about powering all of this in the car? Which type of power supply will be able to handle this (if needed I will just scrap the graphics card if powering this becomes a concern)? I was looking at the OPUS power supplies and just wondering how high in wattage I need to go.

    I plan on purchasing this screen kit and installing the computer in the trunk. Does the screen get powered also from the OPUS power supply or does this get wired seperately from the computer?

    With the existing Bose system, what kind of connections are located on the back to connect the audio from the computer? Is it RCA Plugs or 3.5mm headphone or something else?

    Any suggestions for locations in mounting the slotload DVD player and keeping it looking clean will be appreciated as well. Also how to go about doing this as I have never done any dash work.

    Any enthusiasts that live in the area that would be willing to help out as this is my first build would be great too! I live in Germantown, MD (Montgomery County).

    Hope to hear any feedback from you guys.

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    First off: Welcome.

    You can power the screen off the opus or you can run it off any other 12v source(direct to battery, cigarette lighter, etc. There are pro's and con's of each. With my Xenarc I chose to run it off the DSATX and thus far have had no problems, but my system is by no means a power house. With more powerful systems, you may or may not have enough PSU headroom to power the screen. I'll let some other chime in on that.

    I also thought I'd point out at that we have a MD/DC/VA meet every month (well usually anyway).

    Here's the thread:

    Myself and I'm sure others that usually attend the meet would be glad to help you where they can. As for myself, I have limited availability, but would be happy to offer assistance when I can, though there are some limitations. I'm no guru at fabrication but I've fabbed a few and may be able to offer some advice. When you get a chance, check out the monthly meet thread and maybe introduce yourself there.

    2004 Mystichrome Cobra Install:


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      Welcome, Ronjon17...everything homebrew said about his skills are true with me too. I have no skills on fabrication, but do have a system up and running. I think getting the basics down is very important and I think I can help you out there.

      I live in Germantown too. PM me anytime