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USGlobalSat MR-350P Perment mount GPS receiver

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  • USGlobalSat MR-350P Perment mount GPS receiver

    I cannot find anything anywhere about this product. I was going to get a BR-355 as I only have 2 usb ports and this way I can have the GPS receiver have power all the time (not sure about this part yet). Anyways I liked the idea of a clean look on my car and saw that they offer this permenenct mount receiver. I just wanted to know if it was as good as the BR-355. Has anyone tried it?
    Tried to search here and google and found only 2 hits on google which were the website below.

    I want to get it but want to know if it is as good as a BR-355. I plan to use this with iGuidance as I read people say that it is the best.

    Durable, Accurate, Cost Effective

    The MR-350P is a “mini” external GPS receiver, which utilizes a bulkhead (through-hole) mounting design for applications that require a more permanent weatherproof mounting solution. The enclosed GPS receiver is self-contained with an active patch antenna and utilizes the latest “20” channel SiRF Star III high performance GPS chipset for accurate positioning.

    The extended 15’ cable allows for easy routing behind the headliner and side panels, terminating into a proprietary pin-out on a PS/2 connector for easy interfacing with the use of our USB or RS232 cable sets. (Cable sets are sold separately.)

    The MR-350P can be used in a wide variety of applications including commercial fleet/utility vehicles, police and fire trucks, boats and specialty equipment.

    Price: $66.99 (USD)[/IMG]
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    Well F it im ordering one tomorrow.


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      let me know how that goes.
      My reason for asking is that my Crown Vic has a ~1" hole on it due to its old life as a police car.
      Right now a crappy little metal antennae covers it.


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        I have this mounted in my rear deck, made my own PS2 to serial+ps2 converter cable. Tested it out last year. Installed in car and car has been sitting for a year but will be used soon. It looks really good mounted in rear deck.