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  • Dell Dimension 2100

    This is going to be my first ever carputer. I have a old Dell Dimension 2100 laying around collecting dust, I was just wondering if it will be an ok carputer, I have no doubt the hardware will manage, just wanting to know if anything thinks its to much, also I am a bit confused on the whole power supply end of things, will I be able to use one of those car pc power supplies for this? How big of a PSU do you think this thing would need.

    Its a micro-atx board with a celeron cpu thats somewhere around 1.1 GHz if I remember correctly, either putting 256 or 512MB RAM in it, and probably a 160-250GB hard drive. I'm also putting it into a new micro-atx slim case.

    Think its alright? Not to "much"? I want to use the carputer in place of my headunit entirely, also want to be able to play some emulators and get on the net when there is an available wifi spot. Will I be able to achieve all of this? Also what is a better OS to use XP or Vista, which would in theory boot the quickest or start back up from standby/hibernation?