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  • Hello MP3 Community!

    I just wanted to say hello. I've been reading for a couple days now, and finally decided to register

    I want to start off saying what I'm into to, and what are my plans.

    - I love cars, I'm not an expert, but will always be looking/reading.. to learn more and more
    - Electronics components are also part of my favorite list, however I'm a TOTAL newbie, regarding mounting/assembling/making it work

    I currently own a 2006 Honda Si, and was thinking about a DVD/NAV/MULTIMEDIA solution.
    So It came across my mind:
    1- CarPuter
    2- Cheap DVD+NAV (Double Din)

    I still haven't decided which would be better cost/benefit.
    I don't want to harm my electric system on my "brand new car" :P
    And at the same don't want to spend lots of money on a NAV System.

    So I found out about the AVIC-D3, which would cost me roughly about $700 (AVIC-D3 + BEZEL + INSTALLATION), and It was my best shot.

    Until, a couple min ago, I found a "MINI-ATX" setup, and would like to get opinions from you guys, the EXPERTS.

    - Motherboard = Commell LV-671MP
    - RAM = 256MB - DDR 2700 (could be upgraded)
    - Processor = Intel Pentium M processor 1700MHz
    - External Power Brick and built-in DC-DC Power Supply (according to the seller)

    He wants close to $200 for this ^^ Used for a couple "weeks".
    Any comments? Worth it?

    - My main problem is: LACK OF ROOM.. I live in an apt. and don't have a "garage" to work on my car, or workspace to deal with fiberglass..

    I would really be happy, to learn about carputers/fiberglass/fabrication/audio installs, but unfortunately looks like it will be a little complicated.
    Please give me some input.

    PS: Sorry, didn't want to make this post too long, but couldn't help it :P So many questions :P

    Thanks all.

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    Thanks for all the views.
    If you have any suggestions/advice, please feel free to write