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PC to use for Engine Management

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  • PC to use for Engine Management

    Hello to everyone. I have been looking into getting a fuel and spark management set up for my '93 mustang GT. I plan to use the megasquirt system, that specifies the use of a laptop with a serial port or USB.
    Now unfortunately for me, laptops are pricey when I could be using my funding to finish my twin-turbo setup.
    I did a little bit of research on car computers awhile ago when I wanted to use a spare Compaq PC i have as an mp3 player in my old buick. I know it would be possible to use the PC, but what are all of you using for screens/keyboards in a setup like this? the only thing keeping me from going through with using a PC is the weight (not a big deal), but the bulkiness of a keyboard and a LCD screen. anyone else go with this route for engine management?

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    I plan to be using the pc interface for the apexi power fc to modify my ECU. it is usb and with the software, I can change anything from maps to spark timing.
    My setup will consist of a dell laptop and a lilliput 7" lcd touch screen. Not sure about a keyboard yet, but I may end up with a wireless one, so I can take it out of the car when I am not using it.
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      AFAIK you're only using the PC to set up and tweak the parameters in the Megasquirt while you're getting things tuned, not a required part of a permanent installation as part of the engine controls, so you ought to be able to get by with the Compaq as long as you can power it. It just won't be as convenient as a laptop with the built-in display and keyboard.