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new to this, need council for a setup!

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  • new to this, need council for a setup!

    Hi all,

    I'm very new to this stuff of putting computers into cars. However, it looks like the best choice for my main purpose with my car... it is to have a single touch screen that lets me:

    - manage music (stored in an iPod) having a proper GUI to do so, showing real time information about the playing track as well as letting me surf thru my library in a confortable way.

    - have a GPS.
    - have a bluetooth hands free set to use the cell phone.

    Usual devices that appear to do that are not good for me by now. Pioneer's AVIC D3 or Tom Tom 910 appear to do all those things but i'm not confident they do ALL things well. By the way the can play divx and dvds, very useful functionality, huh...

    In most of the exposed assemblies that people has done with carpc's, they cover mostly the main needs, although i haven't seen much focus in the ipod integration.

    That's why i ask you, the experts, what would you choose if you were me?

    Oh! almost forgot it.. i'm checking all options, both a 2DIN computer or a completely home made system. i guess the most important thing appart from how to integrate whatever into the car, is what software would fit my need?

    Thanks in advance for your help!



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    I'd suggest to start by searching the forums and ask more about specifics, This site isn't ment to spoon feed people solutions for their car computers, Look and find ideas of your own. I started out just like you and now with about a month of watching the site i have about 4 different plans i could do for my car.
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      well, that's a nice start

      I actually have two possibilities:

      1- a 2 din computer system directly placed in the factory radio gap.
      2- a voomPC with a more custom setup (probably making a mask to hide the screen when parking the car, etc.)

      The "minor issues" derived from these two ways of assemblage, won't vary the final result, which is, to have a computer in the car, however my main concern was, what kind of software is the most appropriate to manage iPod contained music, bluetooth for the cell phone, and a proper GPS navigation system, and on top of it all, the interaction between them, meaning...

      - figure out that i'm listening to music and a call arrives, will the bluetooth software know that he has to turn off the music volume?

      - figure out that i'm listening to music while letting the navigation system guide me thru a route, whenever it needs to tell me any instruction, will it be able to manage the music volume so i will be able to hear the instruction?

      things like that are the ones that make me ask for council, software, not hardware actually. Anyway i guess that it is just a matter of trial and error, isn't it?

      thanks for your reply, nickwell!


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        Take sometime and do some more reading. If you are rush into the game, you are going to waste your time and money.
        What best for me probably isn't best for you. So I can't really tell you to buy this or that.
        Look around to find people who install in their car that is similar to yours and had the need/want similar to your and start from there.
        In this game, everything is personal references.
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          yeah! i'm reading as much as i can, but there's a lot of info available!

          how's that supra riding? i guess nice...

          going back to the thread, i see you use road runner, and say it is the best, do you have a link where could i find extensive info about it?

          Thank you!


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            search the forums for RoadRunner...there's an entire sub-forum dedicated to well as every other front end.

            good luck.
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            Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!