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    Sup everyone? I've been registered here for a little while but I've been more of a lurker... My name is Jason and I'm from Commerce Georgia. I'm getting ready to build my FIRST carputer for my 01 Dakota. (I am on the right forum for Carputers, right?)

    I am good with computers and technology... I've built my own PC's and stuff before but I'm thinking a carputer will be a little different and I want to make sure I take notes from people who know what they are doing. I will be around and asking a few questions soon.

    Thank you!

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    I'm in Atlanta. There are occassionally meets at The Varsity or Taco Mac in Atlanta, but I have not made it to any of them. There is a ton of good information on this site. I'm sure you have seen the FAQ forum already. Enjoy!
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      yep I've been reading a lot of stuff on here lately... Building a CarPC is a little different than a regular one though. When I build a desktop I try to get the best components I can but with a CapPC you have to have power consumption in mind...


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        Yeh Jason I agree, You can read the facts, and trudge through the forum, but there never seems to be a "This is what you need " answer that any one will post. You always see answers of, " well it all depends on what you need!" " Read the FAQ" or " Do a search" Which I think is a cop out. One day I spent almost 8 hours reading through posts on this forum. To see most people asking the same questions over and over again, and getting one of the above answers, and no one really answering their question.
        I'm sure one of these self proclaimed GURU's could say:

        Here is a break down of useful system combinations. All of which may be good for one thing but better for another. Maybe have like 6-8 different system set ups, so newbs can see what combinations of harware will work best for them, and see what the power consumption and limitations would be, without having to buy everything and use trial and error to learn from.

        For example. I was looking into a solid state HD. I saw posts on forums about how great they are, because they have no moving parts, have amazing g force and vibration resistance and temp tolerance, which is perfect for the auto envirnment. Than as you search and search, you start seeing, that Windows XP writes to the disk too much, and isn't suitable for SSHD, and that you should use something like Windows Embedded for the OS. Of course to use Windows Embedded you need to be pretty proficient with programming and know what you need and don't need to stream line the OS. and so on, and so on.

        Than you see some peole posting how they use their PCI slot for video cards, or they use the on board video like SIS Chrome II or whatever just for the front end, and their video card for other video, or the sound on the cards is crap so they use an external USB sound card. Honestly even with the FAQ forum and the tedious searching there are too many opinions on what to do.

        Well I guess I'm done rambling, I guess what I'm saying is, It would be nice to see what system set ups are proven, and reveiws of the problems people have with them or wish was different. Maybe the moderators and pros ( or experienced carputer guys) in here could make a FAQ where they tell you what componants are in their systems, how much power it uses, and what they like about it, and what limitations they have. SO Newbs can get an actual working knowledge and decide how to build their project on the experience of others, which is what I thought this forum was all about. The sharing of knowledge.