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Carpc with home pc motherboard

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  • Carpc with home pc motherboard

    Hey guys, iīve been lurking here for quite some time now while iīve been collecting some stuff and info for my first car pc project.
    Thereīs one thing though which i must admit iīm not really sure about, i have this motherboard (iīm at my girlfriends place right now so i donīt have the specs on it) but the motherboard is out of a home pc not a laptop.
    In the beginner guide they say that a carpc is typically run on a laptopīs hardware so i was just wondering if i couldnīt use the stuff i have. thanks guys and sorry if this has been posted before, i couldnīt find it with the search

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    The more common setups are actually based on desktop hardware. There's certainly no reason you couldn't use what you've got.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      You don't need to use a laptop MB. I used to run a laptop when I first started out in carputing, but it was because I had it lying around and it was an easy install for a beginner. I outgrew it's capabilities pretty quickly though and went for a more "built in" solution.

      Most of the "old Hands" run desktop stuff with a smattering of laptop hard ware (IE: 2.5 drives, slot load optical drives, etc). The only thing is that most run the smaller form factor MB's (micro/mini- atx) to save space in a car enviroment. Power consumption is another reason why some choose smaller, less powerful boards.

      I run a "small form factor" atx (optiplex gx270), but I've got "oodles" of room in my 300M and just power it with a DSATX.

      Been working great for several years now (well, when I don't mess it up from frigging around with it!)
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        we can definitely use a "home" or desktop mainboard in car. however, using it would requires some customized case if you dont want to install the stock case which is normally much bigger than it should be


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          macke sure the board is atx compliant and get a m2atx power supply and you shouldnt have a problem. i suppose you could just get an inverter instead. but to answer your question yes it is very possible to used a desktop motherboard in your carpute.