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2004 BMW e46 M3 carpc project - what do I need?

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  • 2004 BMW e46 M3 carpc project - what do I need?

    I recently bought myself a gorgeous jet black e46 m3 and love everything about the car except the horrid audio controls and lack of navigation.

    BMW doesn't sell an upgrade kit for the BMW nav system (which I didn't want anyway... iDrive is horrid), so I started looking at carpc systems. There are quite a few on this forum for my car, so I just want to see if what I am thinking I need is correct.

    What I would like in my system is:
    GPS nav
    Touch screen controls
    mp3 audio playback
    bluetooth phone integration
    factory steering wheel integration
    a factory look and feel

    What looks like the easiest install would be getting a 2 din bezel like: this.

    I could then install the G4 system which has everything I want. I have a few questions about this system though and my particular car.

    Will the system fit in the dash slot or is it too deep?
    How is the G4 system connected to power?
    Will I be able to interface the iBus system with the G4 system?
    Also, where can I get the bezel to move my AC controls down to make room for the G4 system?

    Thanks to everyone who has posted your projects! They are a great inspiration.

    2004 e46 Jet Black BMW m3 w/Black Leather

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    I have a 02 m3 convertable and i want to put a carpc. Does anyone have a idiots guide or step by step for bmw??