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  • Some help ?

    OK i have a cuple questions here.I have a older model laptop that i really dont use. (intel centrino with 80 gig Etc.)Was jus wondering if it would be better to build a small pc jus for the car or mount the laptop in trunk.

    See my car is a 07 Dodge Caliber with 120 amp alt.It also has a 115-Volt Auxiliary Power Outlet that i use now jus to plug the laptop in cause battery life always sucks..I was wondering if i that is good enough power source if i build a diff setup.

    I have plenty room in dash to leave the aftermarket radio and add 7" screen.No issue there.

    Last but not least even after reading "Front End"software forum im still a lil lost.Im not much a computer software person jus the building.I built my HTPbut thats pretty easy operation. Do i still run Windows or diff OS?Do i have the Pc fully shut down with car?

    Srry if its alot but really looking forward to a diff type of PC build.Thanks!