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  • remote PC and screen help

    I have a mini pc and 7" touchscreen in my car. I am running road runner as my front software and the setup seems to perform very well.

    Allows me to run sat nav and also a dvd or music player.

    I am now looking at upgrading my system to look a little bit more flash as its in a show car and i want to be able to show off all the benefits of havibg PC control!

    I firstly wanted to be able to display sat nav on one screen and then potentially the music player on another screen? Is this possible? How? These can be just auxillary displays not touchscreens?

    I have then looked at the Fusion Brain as i was thinking about wiring up my remote start, lights, headunit/amps on off and windows etc to this interface and being able to control this all from my touch screen on my pc? I think this should make a neat trick - but am a novice and not sure about how to go about setting it all up or even if there is anyone out there thats done it before?

    Then i was thinking about connectiong the pc through IR Man and then being able to control both the pc and all the different functions and my music by remote standing away from the car!

    Anyone advise on this? is it doable? or am i going about it all wrong???


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    Hi Phantom,

    Have a look here in Moahdib's ride thread to see RoadRunner with dual screens. Especially the first video link after the pics.

    Then go searching for "RR on steriods" to see his latest project which might give some ideas on the potential of RoadRunner.
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