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USB radio installation to laptop. Need help!!

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  • USB radio installation to laptop. Need help!!

    Hi everyone. I'm new to mp3car and would be grateful for some help. I have a Mazda 2000 MPV. I recently self installed an amp, speakers and HU and now want to setup a carpc. I am using an old laptop and have it linked direct to the amp and I just purchased a K500 in-dash HU to use as a touch screen monitor.

    I want to add a USB radio and the HQCT-i sounds interesting as one option. As i'm using a laptop, can I power the HQCT via the laptop (I read it uses 12v source from pc psu) or does anyone have a better solution such as a different usb radio adapter. (Im using RR as my front end).

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    From what I have read, the HQCT-i usues regulated 5V power, not 12V. In theory you could power this from your laptops USB port. It is the HQCT-eA that uses 12V power.

    I'm not seeing any other interesting USB radio devices on the market, at least ones that would work well in a car.


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      Thank you for helping. I decided it was too expensive so I went with a silabs usb stick instead.

      Now my problems seems to be my touch screen in-dash unit. Its a k500 (KZL K500). I just purchased it from ebay but im going to have to send it back (when I can get a response back from the seller). It had a few cosmetic defects I didn't know about until it arrived which I could live with but there is a problem with the units remote on wire (doesn't power on the amp) and randomly turns off/ on and it also has a terrible issue of noise through the speakers when the vga cable is connected to any device. I have tried isolating the noise from alt and engine but the noise still remains. Tried unit in the house, connected to my pc and laptop (even tried different cables and lengths, silver foil around cable, grounding laptop etc) and the problem still remains.