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CarPC noon. Couple questions

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  • CarPC noon. Couple questions

    Hi everyone!

    Just getting into this CarPC stuff. Meant to start this project last year but never got the chance..

    Looking to fit a CarPC to my Impreza with an in-dash touch screen display. Got the first step out of the way.. I have an ITX system ready to go (apart from software set-up & display)

    Basic Spec: (Purchased 2nd hand)
    Motherboard; epia m10000
    CPU 1 Ghz
    Memory: 256MB
    HDD: 40GB
    DVD+/-RW drive.

    Everything I need from a system apart from future USB devices (Memory and CPU may be upgraded at later date if necessary

    Haven't got a display for the car yet.. Want to build up the system first and make sure I'm happy with the speed/functionality before buying a screen and installing it in the car..

    So really got a couple early questions..

    1) What front end is reccomended? I tried the RoadRunner and I like the look of it! Simple & easy to use.. But I couldn't get it to see/play any files, audio/video/dvd. Maybe it needs more configuring?..
    The sort of things I see wanting to run are:
    CD Audio Playback
    MP3 Playback
    DivX playback
    DVD Playback
    Car ECU connection/diagnostic/virtual dash
    FM Radio (if not built into head unit)
    TV (at later date)
    Camera's for display and recording (e.g. Reversing camera)
    Sat nav? (TomTom through WinMobile emulator)
    & possibly other gimmicky stuff like Web/Email through WiFi & handsfree bluetooth...
    . o O (Just as well there'd plenty of USB ports on this M-Board)

    2) In terms of speed.. Although the verison if XP i have on it just now boots fairly quickly.. I can't help feel that I'll get frustrated waiting for hte system to boot when it's in the car.. Any suggested as to how to tackle the bootup time? I was thinking maybe a small linux system instead of having to boot a full blown version of windows.. But then some of the sofware I want to run on it is WIndows based

    3) Anyone tried attaching a battery backup to an ITX system? I Effectively making it similar to a laptop so it will run on it's own battery while the engine isn't running? (I know, I know.. Why not Just buy a laptop....)
    ^^^ Using this method woudl help point #2 as it coudl just sit in hibernate when not in use running off it's own battery...

    Anyway, Can't wait to get my hands dirty with this project, and woudl love it to work out perfectly!



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    1) since there are multiple front ends on this forum, if you have problems with a specific front end you should post in that specific forum. Also, as to what is the best FE: most FEs have a free trial download. Only you can decide what is the best FE for your needs and how you plan on using your CarPC. Basing your decisions off of what others say is a sure fire way to be disappointed.

    2) There's an entire sub-forum dedicated to optimization on here. I would suggest you look through that sub-forum for hints, tips, and tricks.

    3) Yes, many people have talked about and tried this. I would head over to the PSU sub-forum and start a little search over there.

    to the forums! I'd really suggest getting intimately familiar with the search features on these forums and learning what different sub-forums are on here. Good luck in your searching!
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!