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Can you put a pc in 2002 mercedes s430

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  • Can you put a pc in 2002 mercedes s430

    I have a 2002 mercedes s430 the screen of the gps is crack this unit controls the radio cd changer tape, and settings on the dashboard.
    I want to put a pc and keep the dash like original but the screen on the 2002 s430 is only 4x4 or on the 2003 and up mercedes the screen is bigger 7x5 and the unit is the same size I don't know if is a way to make it work and then put a pc to, I hear that if you want to put anything aftermarket you will have to reap everything of the car and put everything new because use a fiber optic system ( Boche unit and Bose audio) and the said that the system is connected to the car computer

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    Being a Mercedes factory trained technician, i have two answers. The Mercedes answer is no. All of theses systems communicate with each other and will have all sorts of issues with other components. You might also have backlash from dealers / shops if you ever have problems inside the car because it will be a pain for them to weed through your stuff and find the problem. As far as i know the MB can bus has not been hacked yet, so it couldnt directly replace your stock units.

    On the other hand, the enthusiast in me says yes you can. Being that the car is already filled with technology though, means that it wont be for the faint of heart to make a great install incorporating some of the cars stock features.

    Bottom line, there is no simple yes or no answer to your question.
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      So the units are pretty much the same but why you can make it work if all the functions are the same, they are only one year a part 2002 to 2003, the only difference is the screen , I believe someone must done it already, or do you know any body who has put a pc in 2000 and up mercedes s class

      Thank you for your time