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Handspring Visor Pro w/USB cradle - display!

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  • Handspring Visor Pro w/USB cradle - display!

    I'm a newb, but i have been searching.

    I'm just curious if anyone actually has their PC using a Handspring Visor Pro w/USB cradle as a display.

    I've read up on PalmOrb, and I guess there are some issues with some PDAs there. PalmVNC sounds a little hectic to set up (does anyone know of a free version of SoftickPPP?). PalmAmp may do the job in the short term, but seems restrictive (how to do make your computer hibernate through that??)

    I'm going for cheap here, using stuff in my basement collecting dust. My initial goal is to have a monster 60G MP3 player using my old hard drives .. then i'll go from there. Bottom line - i only want to have to buy an inverter - for now.

    Current machine:
    Windows 98 SE
    AMD K6-2 450Mhz
    128 Meg ram
    60G of 7200RPM HD
    Baby-AT mother board
    250W power supply
    .. And the Handspring Visor Pro 16M version

    Let me know your experiences!

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    I just found something about a program called 'mrouter', that's supposed to be a free equivelant to SoftickPPP.. unfortunetly, I can't figure out where I can download it from.

    Anyone ever hear of it?