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Finally starting my carputer

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  • Finally starting my carputer

    well I joined this fourm some time ago, to reserch the implamentation of a carputer, FINALLY I have taken the leap and ordred all the parts. so far here is a list of what I have, if anyone feels i have forgotten anything please feel free to let me know.

    via epia 1ghz mobo
    lillput eby701 touch screen
    1 gig ram
    slim dvd drive
    40gig hd to start
    usb gps mouse by navible
    xm radio already own, but i will have to build the cable
    start up and shutdown controller
    casetronics case with dual pci riser slot
    bluetooh dongle for phone
    for now i will be running the ps that comes with case unless i have problems then i will upgrade.


    modded windows xp install with nlite
    iguidance gps software
    and of course the most famous front end roadrunner, which by the way can be a pain to set up if you know nothing about it thanks for all the post on the set up though it got me through without having to repost faq's.
    cdrip gave me a headache as did winamp for some reason it kept poping up at start up on my home pc while i have been doing front end testing .
    i will have to program the gestures but it seems to rock.
    it will be useing the digital fx skin series dude that made that rocks, although some things i still cant get working, like chicking gas prices.

    still up in the air about a tv tuner and fm radio
    any suggestion on this matter ?

    others that may be implamented is the backup camera, not sure yet

    but thanks to all who have posted here for me to do my reserch, boy it really racked my brain getting lost in reading post.


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    how fast dose your setup boot?


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      Originally posted by beingblueeyes View Post
      how fast dose your setup boot?
      Considering he only ordered the parts this past Satuday, I'm willing to bet that he doesn't know quite yet...
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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        he's right

        yea hes right i have not recived it yet i hve gotten the cable made for my xm i have the gps module and i gotten to play with road runer on my home pc, sadly my phone won't work free fone. my computer does however work as a hsp so if someone that knows programming maybe write a simple little program that will pauses music and dvd when the bluetooth stack recives a call. on my system it automaticly answers the phone if it is hooked up via bluetooth and i would probally miss the call due to the music playing.


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          You forgot three things on that list:


          It's all worth it though


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            Is that PSU in the case DC-DC?
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              why yes it is

              It is a casetronic dc-dc psu, i have gotten some of the stuff and tried tinyxp, let me tell you its a joke, i would rather do a full install and then just shut down the services that i will not use (which i am in the process right now) still waiting on my touch screen got xp install and then roadrunner and it keeps crashing so maybe time for windows up dates???
              i will keep all posted