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Punto CarPC concept - please advise!

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  • Punto CarPC concept - please advise!

    Hi there! I've just started thinking about a carpc for my Fiat Punto mkII 2002. Here are some ideas/wishlist. Please help me make some decisions! Would love your comments.


    Acer Aspire laptop 1680 1.6ghz 512MB RAM, 50GB HD
    Lilliput 619
    30GB Music library - use SyncToy for wireless synchronisation.
    Built-in wifi ?need external antenna
    sound card - usb asio Edirol - is this any good?
    Power brick: ComOn step-up dc/dc converter
    or could use this auto-on trick
    but I would prefer manual control with a switch.
    Mounted under passenger seat with Kensington lock security.

    Intend to buy an Amp but use stock speakers at present.


    This worries me the most as I have no experience, though I've read a fair bit. The only Fiat Punto pics I've seen here.

    Anyone know someone in London who could do it for a fair price?

    Physical switches

    Fusion brain may be useful here.

    Row of buttons underneath or one side of screen:
    Power control - momentary illuminated vandal proof Bulgin switch.
    Volume rotary control
    Reverse camera
    Activate voice command (?? no idea about this but would be super cool - "computer! play radio... navigate to cinema... check listings... sms friends"!!)
    Ambient lights - it's a bit dark in my car at night with tinted windows, would like to put a few courtesy lights here and there


    Stripped Win XP using nLite and variety of tweaks . Ideally would like to implement Hibernate Once Resume Many (HORM).
    Road Runner


    I would like a permanent rev counter on the road runner display - can't hear the engine in the rain/loud music.
    Maybe DashCommand.


    I have an XDA Orbit (HTC Artemis) with WM6 B&B 4.3 ROM.
    Ideally want to have wired (extUSB) phone control so battery is charged rather than eaten (as with bluetooth). So far no success with phoco (packed with centrafuse) or Freefone (with RR) despite effort++. Anyone actually had any luck with this phone?

    As Freefone isn't working, My Mobiler is a fantastic if not better alternative which also integrates in to road runner.

    Anyone know good data tariffs in the UK? The best I've seen is Three UK, PAYG sim and data add-on for £5 !! not bad. Maybe a pc card adaptor for it...


    I could somehow use the inbuilt GPS on my phone, but this is impractical and difficult to implement. I've tried Gps2Blue.

    Software ?iGuidance or Garmin 10? iG seems to have more support in RR, but Garmin is the leader. What do you say? (I'm a Londoner).

    Reverse cam

    Any recommendations, there are some rather expensive ones and rather cheap ones! I will be using mostly at night to reverse as I have a tinted rear window - needs to be waterproof and have mirrored composite video.

    I will use this trick to connect to the lilliput.


    I have a Nebula DVB-t usb device (BDA drivers) which I will use for essentially for radio. I won't use a usb FM stick as I've read the quality isn't great.
    Hopefully will find an integrated antenna for VHF, GSM and GPS such as this one. Let me know if you see one!

    Thanks for reading, let me know what you think
    My Fiat Punto laptop plans

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    Cheers mate! I've seen your topic before! I also have a Fiat Punto now, so if you wanna trade some ideas, feel free to add me on MSN