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    Hi all, I've been lurking as a guest for awhile now. Thought I would join and contribute.

    I work for BSS Audio a pro audio company that is a division of Harman Int.(same factory as DBX)
    This comes with many perks, like access to any of the Harman Brands at below cost. I have been planning a CarPc using as many Harman products as possible for some time now.
    I already have a BSS Audio Soundweb 9088iis that will be my 8x8 DSP. It is open architecture, PC configured and PC controlled through custom created GUI's. When comparing sonics, nothing comes close. I can micro time align each driver for optimum response at the listening position. I could even program a preset that is triggered off a pressure sensor in the passenger seat recalling a different set of EQ curves and time settings to account for the second body in the listening area.
    This is similar technology that the guys in the Harman Becker Laboratories use when developing new Automotive audio technologies. Every new Automotive system offered by any of the manufacturers today has DSP as the core of the system.

    Feel free to contact me about DSP systems, its my job

    Its funny how many of the concepts pioneered by this community are now showing up in OEM systems.

    Here is Phase 1 build out: (* denotes milestone complete)

    *'96 Nissan 300zx-TT Stage 2
    *Pioneer AVHP6500DVD (2ch pre outs to 9088)
    *Lilliput 7" tft Monitor integrated into sun visor

    Car pc mounted in electronics void (6ch outs to 9088)
    Soundweb 9088iis DSP - system EQ, crossover, time correction, source select and mixing
    *4ch stock Bose amplified speakers
    Enclosure and mounting for the 9088

    NOTE: The balanced audio system Bose used has plagued many after market installers that do not understand balanced audio. This will actually work to my benefit as the 9088 is pro audio, and has balanced inputs and outputs.

    (full article w/ pictures to come when phase 1 complete)

    Phase 2

    replace stock Bose speakers w/ Infinity components
    add HF drivers to LF and RF locations (bi-amped front channels)
    Replace stock Bose amplifiers w/ (2) JBL GTO-75.4
    add Infinity BassLinkT system
    *Add Bluetooth GPS
    *Wire night vision camera to AVHP6500

    Phase 3
    Upgrade to
    Modify Soundweb to work off modified M3-ATX power supply (remove inverter)

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    There are a few inquisitions about your DSP in the High-End section. (PC-Tuning/Cheating)
    Play with it, 'til it's broke.