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Controlling a Radio From The Computer?

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  • Controlling a Radio From The Computer?

    I thought the "tuning" section of the FAQ would cover this, but then realized it was about tuning the computer output.

    Is there any kind of AM/FM receiver that can be tuned from a computer? I'd love to find one that can be easily tuned through a USB connection that could not only be set through that connection, but also be read (as in reading the station setting) that way as well. The only device I've ever seen that is at all like this is the RadioShark, but most of the reviews I've read say it gets lousy reception.

    I'm thinking of a fairly unique project that would do things a bit backwards and let the computer control everything, including tuning the receiver. I've searched the web, but any time I include radio and receiver and include "USB", I get tons of hits for units that take USB flash drives and no useful hits.

    Thanks for any pointers or even products close to this.

  • #2 just one device. Try Googling "fm receiver usb"

    I don't have one, but I'm told that there are several options for a fm receiver for pc usb.

    Personally, I've got absolutely No use for the radio and all the yak yak. I ripped over 250 cd's to my carpc and that's what I listen to...

    Best of Luck!!
    Happy CarPC'ing!