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Get a flat clean signal from Factory Stereo

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  • Get a flat clean signal from Factory Stereo

    Is anyone aware of an option for a multi-band eq (perhaps computer controlled) that I could hook up to the box and calibrate to get a nice signal that has essentially stripped out the factory preset EQ? If there is a better way to approach this, I am all ears too...

    I have a factory system that I want to pretty much leave intact, but I want to clean up the audio from the output of the system to get a flat signal I can play with and run to an AMP. There are options such as the Kenwood KOS-v500 and 3sixty line of "Factory system enhancers", however I would like the power and flexibility of a mp3car-type solution. Get a nice little box like the VoomPC-2 that I can throw in my car and customize 'til my hearts content.

    All in all I want as clean a signal as possible from my stock stereo to run through a new AMP and of course get pristine audio from the PC to the AMP as well.