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Newbie w/ laptop and Megasquirt

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  • Newbie w/ laptop and Megasquirt

    My motivation for adding a computer to my car seems to be different from most people's. I run a Megasquirt 1 V3 ECU in my car. Since this thing reads in a huge number of values from my car, I would rather spend a little money to get ALL these gauges than buy each one individually.

    If you dont know, MS (Megasquirt) is a DIY custom ECU that I built and wired by hand. Its very powerful as far as aftermarket ECU's go but its very cheap.

    Anyway, I got a gateway solo 5300 with docking station from a bud for $80 (P3 850, 256 ram, blah blah). I also ebayed a police-esk laptop mount for $30. Eventually I want to hide the laptop and put a touch screen somewhere but for now this seems it should do the trick.

    Im waiting for my car back from the tune shop before I install.

    Heres the dock. I cut up an old headphone set and it works as a power button!

    Ebay docking station made from plumbing pipe from what I can see.

    The laptop with trackball (debating putting it in the car) and megatunix which is the software that does the gauges.

    If anyone has suggestions on how to mount this without completely destroying the openness of the car, id appreciate it.

    PS: heres my interior...

    1989 BMW 325i with a T3 turbo and a bunch of other crap. Ill post a better mods list if ppl want.

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    Hah!, i also run a megasquirt and tune via a gateway solo 5300

    I now run a special brew Megasquirt running the 420a Dodge neon code, but i started with a EDIS setup many many years ago fact when the edis setup was sill being explored

    I need to chekc on ebay for the dock, seems they have come down in price
    1996 4x4 cherokee classic, Soon to be traded for a 97-99

    1996 dodge neon, gutted,all motor


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      megasquirt in car laptop

      I too am setting up a megasquirt setup with a in car computer, as far as a way to mount your laptop where its out of the way, do you plan on keeping they laptop always attatched so you can datalog? are you planning on keeping it in the drivers view at all times so you can read the guages? my setup is going into a `84 VW GTI, i got rid of my my dash completely, then fabbed up a small dash out of aluminum for tach, speedo, oil pressure, temp, and fuel. once megasquirt and pc are installed i plan on adding a second section of the dash where the stereo, heater ect all would normally go to house a touchscreen.

      i would worry about solely relying on the guages on the car pc for real time data, as there will probably be some lag. even a 1/10th of a second of lag means a missed shift point, or even worse that much longer before your oil pressure gauge tells you your ****in oil.

      as far as tuning goes, it may sound like basic advice but 2 ppl in the car one driving one tuning, ive seen ppl ditch dive due to tuning and driving at the same time, its not pretty.

      you could possibly cut out part of the dash near the glove box to mount the laptop, so its recessed out of the way but still able to angle it into the view of the driver.



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        Im planning on using the normal police mount style placement for now. But eventually I want a dash mounted touch screen.

        My car was professionally tuned thanks to my new sponsors so I didnt have to worry too much about that. I was fortunate enough to have a few good base maps to work from. So I did a few datalogs, stared at it and went back out.

        we should make like an MS computer car club lol.


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          Other than a wideband (try a cheap DIY wideband kit)
          You can make a DET can for about $30
          its pretty handy for tunning

          1996 4x4 cherokee classic, Soon to be traded for a 97-99

          1996 dodge neon, gutted,all motor


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            Laptop a little hot

            I'm not sure I'd use a laptop if you're planning on placing it out of the way. I'd go get a Nano or Pico ITX based computer and run xp with an LCD. Laptops require a lot of cold airflow. The power supply and processors that are used in commercial laptops are REALLY hot. Even if it does work for a while, you will soon be replacing that laptop. PicoITX technology is used for industrial purposes and is fanless so it won't be blowing grease and dust into your unit. Also, since it's for industry (read HEAVY Industry) it's also resistant to high temperatures.

            I'm currently rebuilding my 91 Mazda 626 for rally use (just for fun, not sponsored) and I'm looking to use a megasquirt with a PicoITX system, and then I'm gonna build another NanoITX system to run an audio/video media center in my car. Ever since I found them i've been in love!

            Anyway, just thought I'd tell the community about it. I've seen a lot of MiniITX but not Nano or Pico...